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Hi.... My name is Christy Sugiarto. I live in Surabaya - Indonesia. I love handmade card, stamping, and coloring. name is Chelly, I live in Semarang.  I love making cards, tags and other project.

 Hi! My name is Evie. I love all things crafty! Card making mostly and adore making handmade flower. 

Hi Im Hanny, I love paper crafts so much. that keeps me sane . Well I craft, therefore I am ;)

Hello my name is Kiki Fenny Hutomo ( aka. KIKI FOE), lives in Surabaya, Indonesia
I love all things related to craft and design. And the main things is to make pretty cards using Magnolia

Hi everybody! My name is Mikha Adriani. I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. I just graduated from my diploma study, and just had my graduation ceremony :D I am the first child from my wonderful parents and have two brothers who live in Bandung, Indonesia right now to finish their study. Meanwhile I and my parents live in a hot city called Surabaya, Indonesia. I love crafting, I love coloring; especially Tilda, but I love others too :D and I would love to meet you all and have a chit-chat :D sure I love to talk :D

Hi.. my name is Nathalia. I live in Surabaya. I love all craft things.. especially making card and scrapbooking.

 Hi.. My name is Tedjo Musyanti. You can call me Yanti live in Jakarta. I mad about Magnolia. I love to make cards, 3D Project, etc.

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